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Mongolia – Laboratory Equipment and Serology Diagnostics

Logenix is the unrivaled logistics provider for temperature controlled logistics to the developing world. Consisting of serology diagnostics and laboratory equipment, a shipment destined for Mongolia included hazard classified goods and required specialized cold chain packaging for three different temperature control levels (2°-8°C, 15°-25°C, and ambient). The products in this shipment originated in four different places throughout Europe, then needed to be consolidated and shipped from the Netherlands to Mongolia which had strict COVID restrictions on the ground. Temperature loggers were packaged in the shipment to monitor and record necessary information. Logenix proactively collaborated with all parties involved to request and obtain the necessary permissions avoiding potential delays due to COVID restrictions. With special permission from the Mongolian State Emergency Commission, the charter landed in Mongolia on time. The ground crew dressed in hazmat suits, then successfully offloaded the temperature controlled goods, abiding by all COVID, cold chain and hazmat protocols.