Logistically the Best Information Technology LTS

The Logenix web based tracking system (LTS) is a complete management solution, integrating purchase order administration, warehouse inventory control, process and communication integration, customizable forms and shipment tracking.

24/7 Online Access to Real Time Shipment Details

Powered by ASP.Net 4.0 and SQL Server, the upgraded and enhanced LTS provides complete line item visibility from order to delivery. Its simple user-interface design is easy to master and allows effortless data searches of current and archived purchase order details, as well as multiple data export options. With multiple layers of security, the system maximizes client convenience by providing 24/7 access to shipment status information via the internet.

LTS supports supply chain integration. Using X12 EDI over AS2 protocol standards and a sophisticated rules engine, the system is designed to automate and streamline the procurement and delivery process of US government clients. Currently, Logenix supports EDI transfer partnerships for data exchange of shipment bookings and forwarding details (211 and 241). Additionally, the system has built-in components for EDIFACT data transmission and custom XML documents.

Maximum Convenience and Visibility for Multi-National Organizations

LTS along with the recently incorporated EDI standards was developed to improve client record-keeping, reduce processing time, provide greater visibility, minimize paper usage, and provide the necessary order audit trail for US government programs.