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Summary of Operations

Bringing evolutionary progress to global health supply chain operations for 20 years, Logenix has been applying our expertise to support COVID-19 response efforts throughout the pandemic. Logenix has managed the logistics for COVID-19 response projects to over 80 developing countries with a total value of over $270 million USD. Our established global network and comprehensive cold chain solutions continues to expand our reach, supplying more and more countries with PPE, ventilators, test kits, vaccine supplies and other critical medical goods.

Agile and Flexible Decision Making

Amid worldwide country shutdowns and closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Logenix utilized partner networking, flexible route creation, and innovative problem solving to keep cargo moving to where it was needed most. Countries like Bhutan and Nepal closed their borders and air carriers canceled their flights into the countries during peak COVID-19 breakout periods resulting in no routing options for cargo into these countries. To avoid products expiring, Logenix stayed agile and flexible, creating last mile routes and working closely with government authorities at destination to allow the acceptance of the trucks to cross borders upon arrival allowing delivery to be completed from door to door within 2 weeks of cargo collection. When Mongolian Airlines decreased their operation from weekly flights to bi-weekly capacity and then was forced to cancel flights due to limited passenger volumes, Logenix organized a charter flight from Europe to Mongolia.  Due to limited commercial lift and unreliable carrier schedule, Logenix expertly managed the consolidation of medical goods from four origins and five separate orders. The 44 cubic meters of cargo required 3 different levels of temperature control, ambient, +2-+8C, +15- +25C along with hazardous goods.

Uganda - One Client’s First COVID Test Kit Shipment

In early May of 2020 Logenix delivered 1500 COVID test kits to Uganda. Providing cold chain solutions under Logenix PharmaPlus™, test kits were shipped between the required 2°C to 8°C. This shipment was our client’s first COVID test kit shipment and took only 10 days from request to delivery despite complex supply chain operations resulting from global lockdowns and growing pandemic challenges.

South Asia - Cold Chain COVID Tests

Logenix managed shipments of COVID tests valued at 3.3 million USD to South Asia on behalf of just one client in July 2021. Weighing more than 22,000 kilos and valued at 3.3 million USD, 120 pallets were shipped to three different locations in South Asia. Of these cold chain shipments, two required temperature control shipping, one at -30°C and the other at 15°C-25°C. Despite high political visibility, an increase in COVID cases at destinations, and other current market challenges, these urgently needed supplies were successfully delivered to Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and more.

Guatemala - COVID Relief Shipment

Logenix is delivering many COVID-19 relief shipments to Guatemala via air and ocean freight. Our COVID-19 response projects included multiple shipments of COVID vaccine syringes, resuscitation masks, pulse oximeters, and other critical supplies. Logenix expertly overcame supply chain challenges and port congestion from origins in Asia, still achieving unrivaled turnaround times from request to delivery, continuously keeping our client’s project on-time and on-budget.

Global- President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) & President's Malaria Initiative (PMI)

Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC) Programs

Since 2009 Logenix has continuously supported USAID's largest global health program, GHSC. In 2010, USAID singularly credited Logenix with reducing the program's total transportation budget for malaria and family planning programs by over 20% through reduction of transportation costs and minimizing fines at destination. Logenix has shipped health commodities and medicines valued in the billions of dollars to more than 70 recipient countries and Logenix is the only company to ever consistently excess a 95% door-to-door, "on-time delivery" rate. Since 2015, Logenix is the primary provider managing thousands of shipments on budget and achieving unparalleled on-time deliveries.

USAID GHSC Rapid Test Kit (RTK) Program

Logenix is the primary logistics provider for USAID's 300 million USD Global Health Supply Chain - RTK program and is responsible for managing shipments of HIV test kits to over 50 PEPFAR countries. Shipments are originated from over a dozen worldwide origins and shipped throughout Africa. Providing temperature controlled and ambient shipments via both air and ocean freight for this program, Logenix is the top ranked logistics provider in terms of volume shipped and on-time performance.

The Global Fund (TGF) Fight Against HIV, TB and Malaria

On behalf of European based programs directed by The Global Fund (TGF) Logenix is providing critical support to deliver pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to curb the spread of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Logenix provides full door to door supply chain services, for commodities both temperature controlled and ambient, from origins such as India, France, Switzerland the United States and Japan to the projects' most challenging countries such as Mozambique, the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi.

Sub-Saharan Africa - Logistics Support for Center for Disease Control (CDC) PHIA Projects

Logenix is providing specialized logistics services for population-based HIV impact assessments in 20 African countries for time sensitive shipments to approximately 300 health facilities across Sub-Saharan Africa, on behalf of the CDC. Laboratory and training supplies are inspected and consolidated from dozens of vendors worldwide for shipment to Cameroon, Lesotho, Cote D'Ivoire, Namibia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Myanmar - Various Health Projects

Logenix has delivered shipments containing medical supplies, contraceptives, lab equipment, pharmaceuticals and test kits to Yangon, Myanmar on behalf of various USAID contractors. Shipments have originated in the United States, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Zambia - Integrated Systems Strengthening Program (ZISSP)

Logenix transported backpack aspirators in coordination with the Zambian Ministry of Health (MOH), ZISSP systems for planning, management, and delivery of high-impact health services. These backpack aspirators vacuum mosquitos, helping control the spread of Malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses. The ZISSP program was funded by USAID and helped improve health related capacities in Zambia.

Global - Transportation of Laboratory Equipment and Research Samples for National Institute of Health (NIH)

For the National Institute of Health, Logenix has transported thousands of perishable shipments of tens of thousands of blood vials and tissue samples from laboratories in Africa for global disease and cancer research studies.

Global - Microbicide HIV Preventive Testing & Contraception Research Program Support

On behalf of this program, Logenix has transported microbicide gel, medications, test kit, clinical trial materials, clinical supplies, treatment kits, placebo gel, R&D samples, clinical study materials, patient kits, and other medical supplies, which facilitated groundbreaking scientific advances in HIV prevention. Most shipments required special temperature control and were destined for over 15 countries throughout Africa in addition to India and Afghanistan. As well cold chain shipments were sent to the most difficult destinations on the continent such as Burkina Faso, Zambia and Nigeria.

South Africa - PMTCT Program Mother/Child HIV Transmission Research

Logenix played a critical role in the delivery and distribution of hundreds of shipments of microbicide gels to and throughout South Africa. Logenix significantly lowered program costs by delivering cargo in specialized pallets that kept pallets microbicide gels cool with blankets. These gels were used to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV during childbirth. This research produced groundbreaking advances in combating Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission. Logenix managed the door to door shipments of these gels from the United States to multiple locations throughout country.

Global - Gift in Kind Shipments for Private Voluntary Organizations

On behalf of a dozen of the most respected Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO's), Logenix has shipped over $1 billion worth of donated pharmaceuticals, medications, vaccines and medical equipment to dozens of countries throughout the developing world. Many recipient countries include some of the most challenging environments in the world such as Afghanistan, DRC, Yemen, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Guyana, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Grenada, The Philippines, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Iraq - Coalition Provisional Authority Initial Pharmaceutical Supply

Logenix successfully managed a complicated supply chain to fully restore pharmaceutical inventories to Iraq's primary governorate hospitals. On behalf of the Iraq Ministry of Health, Logenix originated cargo from 10 different vendor locations around the world and required consolidation and cold chain solutions. Logenix performed all deliveries during the height of the insurgency in Iraq and received a written letter of commendation from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA).

Nigeria - Delivered Medical Donation

For a specialized pharmaceutical supply chain client, Logenix acted quickly and efficiently to execute the delivery of life-saving medicines to Nigeria for a child with an intracranial hemorrhage. Our agile project managers in the United States and Europe used their immense cold chain expertise to ensure that the fastest transit and delivery options were used, with data loggers included to ensure efficacy of the cargo. In coordination with our office in Nigeria, the medical donation was arranged and delivered within two days, saving the child’s life.

Mongolia – Laboratory Equipment and Serology Diagnostics

Logenix is the unrivaled logistics provider for temperature controlled logistics to the developing world. Consisting of serology diagnostics and laboratory equipment, a shipment destined for Mongolia included hazard classified goods and required specialized cold chain packaging for three different temperature control levels (2°-8°C, 15°-25°C, and ambient). The products in this shipment originated in four different places throughout Europe, then needed to be consolidated and shipped from the Netherlands to Mongolia which had strict COVID restrictions on the ground. Temperature loggers were packaged in the shipment to monitor and record necessary information. Logenix proactively collaborated with all parties involved to request and obtain the necessary permissions avoiding potential delays due to COVID restrictions. With special permission from the Mongolian State Emergency Commission, the charter landed in Mongolia on time. The ground crew dressed in hazmat suits, then successfully offloaded the temperature controlled goods, abiding by all COVID, cold chain and hazmat protocols.

Myanmar – HIV Treatments

In the midst of civil unrest in Myanmar and a COVID outbreak in India, Logenix and our client overcame a unique set of challenges to ensure pallets of antiretroviral HIV treatments were delivered before a critical deadline. The events in Myanmar led to difficulties receiving import permits, limited airfreight options, and inadequate communication infrastructure. Extensive coordination between Logenix teams in different countries and collaboration with our client was critical in putting this shipment together, securing transport, and overcoming COVID restrictions in India which was the country of origin. With the unwavering dedication and effort of Logenix, our client and the consignee, this shipment arrived in Myanmar before the deadline, allowing for ample time to clear the shipment before the import permit expired.

Benin – HIV Medication

Logenix is committed to operating on-time and on-budget. On a Sunday night, a frozen shipment of HIV testing kits arrived in Benin, West Africa. Despite the complications of a weekend shipment and limited cold chain capabilities at the destination, the shipment was delivered to the consignee less than 2 hours after arrival with temperature logs confirming that there were no temperature excursions throughout pick-up and last mile delivery.

Syria – HIV Medication

Logenix collaborates with an extensive network of partners and clients to successfully deliver life changing supplies to even the most difficult destinations around the world. Despite continuing conflict in Syria and political instability in the region, we successfully moved critical shipments of pharmaceuticals by using our team’s extensive developing world knowledge and global network of partners who assisted in creating innovative and cost effective routes for delivery.

Yemen – HIV and Malaria Treatments

Navigating airport closures, flight cancellations, and delays as a result of violence and political unrest within the country, Logenix transported over 160 pallets of HIV and malaria treatments to Yemen. Combined weight of more than 20,000 kilos, these treatments originated from multiple countries, such as India and the Netherlands. These lifesaving treatments were transported on 3 different charters over the span of 7 months, requiring an extensive knowledge of authorization processes, operational expertise on the ground, and in depth logistics management at each step of the way.

Liberia – Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic

Logenix shipped high value medical supplies and surgical equipment needed for a Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic that was held in Monrovia, Liberia. With surgeries being performed free of charge for patients in need, the efficient management of this project was pivotal to the success of this clinic and our client’s mission.

Philippines – Opening of a New Hospital

Logenix managed a 10 container project to furnish a new hospital in Cabuyao, Philippines with goods valued at almost $3 million USD. The medical supplies, equipment, and hospital beds were crucial in getting this new facility up and running to serve a population of over 400,000 people. Expertly working with customs authorities, government contacts, and hospital staff, Logenix project managers and our partner in country worked alongside the client and consignee to understand and execute the process for applying and receiving duty exemption. This unrivaled expertise, paired with our commitment to furthering our clients’ missions, is what sets Logenix apart from our competitors.

Uganda – Sleeping Quarters for Hospital Staff and Medical Supplies

Ultimately destined for three different hospitals in Uganda, Logenix shipped multiple containers of medical donations on behalf of the largest distributor of humanitarian medical relief in the world. Upon arriving to the containers' first stop in Uganda, all of the medical equipment and supplies were unloaded to help a hospital restock on critical supplies. However, these containers were not just equipped for shipping goods. They were modified in the United States to serve as sleeping quarters for nurses and doctors at each hospital as well. Logenix and our strategic partners in Uganda coordinated the use of multiple cranes in some of the hard to reach and rural areas of the country. This project not only delivered medical supplies where needed but also served as an extension of the hospitals in the region, creating lasting impact and change for that community.

Global - Door to Door Distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLIN's)

Logenix has provided door-to-door logistics services for the distribution of 100 million malaria bed nets under USAID's GHSC program. Complex distributions have been successfully managed throughout Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Benin, Madagascar, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Exemplary cases include:

Zambia - Long Lasting Insecticide Nets Last Mile Distribution

Logenix shipped and distributed 800,000 LLIN Malaria nets to 61 cities throughout 6 districts in Zambia. Logenix consolidated the nets in Lusaka and planned the exact allocation of nets for each city. Logenix positioned cranes throughout the country then navigated and executed the last mile delivery to each target city, many of which were notoriously hard to reach.

Nigeria - Malaria Net Distribution

Logenix distributed over 15 million malaria nets to 17 states throughout Nigeria, Including the volatile Northern regions. Logenix was credited by USAID with over $1 million in savings by eliminating supply chain waste in the form of storage and demurrage fines and product loss in just the first year of operations alone. Cargo originated in Lahore, Pakistan and was shipped door to door to the various states throughout Nigeria.

Sierra Leone - Free Healthcare Initiative (FHCI) - Warehouse and Distribution Services

Logenix manages the complete warehousing and complex last mile deliveries of medicines and health supplies to regional hospitals and over 1200 clinics across the entire country. Many of the last mile deliveries to the over 1200 clinics in Sierra Leone are in remote regions only accessible by boat of motorbike.

Democratic Republic of Congo - Last Mile Distributions

Logenix navigates one of the world's most challenging environments delivering medical treatments for a host of illnesses, including Malaria and HIV to the country's most isolated cities such as Bunia, Kolwezi, Kanaga, Lubumbashi, Kalemie and Kissangani.

Thailand - Nationwide Family Planning Distributions

On behalf of USAID's DELIVER program Logenix managed two country-wide distributions of family planning materials to 17 dispensaries and clinics. Orders of product were consolidated in Bangkok and trucked to the farthest regions in both the North and South of the country. Logenix oversaw the successful delivery of over 10 million products, which helped families better plan for their futures and curb the spread of HIV.

South Sudan - USAID Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Distribution

As the sole logistics provider for a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical warehousing and cold chain distribution of medical supplies and serums in South Sudan, Logenix refabricated a 30,000-square foot, temperature-control warehouse in Juba within just 6 weeks. This created the only temperature controlled warehouse in South Sudan. Logenix was responsible for the inventory, kitting and 'last mile' delivery of 8 million pounds of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to 80 health centers located throughout South Sudan. To accomplish this program, all deliveries were made over a two-year period.

Mozambique - Bassopa Malaria Project

Logenix delivered microscopes and fragile laboratory equipment to a project site in Mozambique from Johannesburg, South Africa. Logenix's support furthered efforts by researchers in the field, studying impacts of malaria and methods of reducing the spread of the disease.

Kenya - USAID Deliver Medical Kit Distribution

Logenix successfully executed a massive in-country distribution operation in Kenya as part of a mother and child health program. Over 1,000 medical kits were distributed to more than 700 locations throughout Kenya, including unstable regions near Kenya's northern border with Somalia.

Pakistan - USAID Cold Chain Distribution

On behalf of USAID, Logenix managed the refrigerated distribution of 24,330 temperature sensitive Rapid Diagnostic and ELISA Medical Kits to 42 destinations throughout Pakistan. This delivery was the very first such countrywide delivery which was successfully completed with zero loss of product from spoilage.

Iraq - Medical Clinics Support

Logenix jumpstarted Iraq's entire medical infrastructure by achieving two separate and equally complex supply chain operations from on behalf of USAID. Logenix kitted 150,000 line items of medical supplies at a specially licensed "free zone" facility in Jordan for delivery to 18 governate hospitals and 600 medical clinics located throughout Iraq. Shipments were trucked with armed security from the warehouse in Jordan to warehouses in Baghdad and Basra for final distribution to every town and city in Iraq. Additionally, the initial pharmacological supply for the 18 major governate hospitals was delivered during the height of the insurgency. Planning for both operations resulted in millions of dollars of savings for these critically important deliveries.

Global - Solar Power for Medical Centers

Logenix is supplying thousands of health centers across Africa with solar power, providing over 100 million hours of light to medical centers, which previously worked without a reliable source of energy. Managing shipments via both air and ocean, Logenix handles the cumbersome regulations to ship our clients solar powered equipment as many of the devices contain lithium ion batteries, requiring close attention to detail.

Global - Electric Meter Delivery

On behalf of this Global Innovation Fund sponsored program, Logenix originates cargo in multiple countries and ships to recipient countries, which include; Myanmar, Nepal, India, DRC, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and Haiti. --- Delivering electrical metering equipment for solar powered grids, enabling access to electricity in the developing world's hardest to reach places and most underserved markets.

Madagascar - Business and Market Expansion (BAMEX)

On behalf of this program, Logenix delivered solar equipment, machinery, and office files to the capital city of Antananarivo from worldwide origins. The BAMEX project promoted domestic and export trade to increase revenues generated from agricultural, mining, handicraft, and ecotourism products.

Mali - Multiple Contracts

Logenix has managed shipments to Mali on behalf of various US government programs. Shipments have included pharmaceuticals and health supplies, construction materials, IT equipment, vehicles, personal effects and laboratory equipment. In Mali, Logenix supports programs for USAID, the Peace Corps, and dozens of NGOs.

Liberia - Liberian Transition Initiative

On behalf of this program, Logenix moved computer equipment and accessories to the capital Monrovia. The goal of the project was to establish a foundation for lasting peace and democratic governance in Liberia. Logenix also transported commodities such as supplies and important office documents necessary to the program back to Washington, DC from Monrovia.

Burundi - Policy Reform Program

The Policy Reform Program promoted dialogue and fostered a transparent and participatory policy process by strengthening relationships among the government, civil society groups, and the media. Logenix was responsible for shipping radios and communications equipment to Bujumbura from worldwide origins, including the United States, Italy.

Afghanistan - Lash Kargah Power Plant

This power plant is the largest source of electricity in Southern Afghanistan and was one of the largest infrastructure development projects undertaken in the region. Logenix moved wire, cables, generators, turbines and other equipment on a door to door basis to Lash Kargah. Logenix shipped via ocean freight through Pakistan and overland into Afghanistan. Shipments traveled via truck into Helmand province, which for years, and during this project, had been the most dangerous region in Afghanistan.

Kenya - Competitiveness and Trade Expansion (COMPETE)

In support of COMPETE, Logenix shipped IT equipment and other electrical accessories. In order to help increase food security and economic growth in East and Central Africa. The project was designed to reduce barriers to regional and international trade, facilitate the efficiency and competitiveness of key value chains, and ramp up trade and investment between the United States and East Africa.

Africa - Regional Agriculture Trade Expansion Support Program (RATES)

The RATES project improved food security by increasing agricultural production and trade in East Africa, thereby boosting the income of small holder farmers and reducing their dependence on food aid. Logenix transported IT equipment and accessories such as installation manuals, CD-ROMs, cables, user manuals, printers, ink and toner, keyboards, and monitors. Recipient countries included coffee producing nations such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Global - Worldwide Agricultural Strengthening Support

Logenix has transited hundreds of shipments of perishable seeds and plants, requiring refrigerated or 'keep cool' packaging and constant monitoring, successfully around the globe to countries including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Haiti and Ukraine.

Afghanistan - Transportation for Kandahar Power Programs

On behalf of both the East and West Kandahar power programs in Afghanistan, Logenix acted as the logistics supplier of construction projects for both the Kajaki dam and a multi-megawatt power plant in Kandahar. Logenix transported ocean containers and break-bulk cargo from worldwide origins to the Kandahar Industrial Park Diesel Power Plant and Kajaki Dam. Materials included generators and heavy equipment for construction. Logenix managed door to door operations, originating cargo from India and shipping containers via ocean freight to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Moreover, By expertly navigating the duty exemption and customs clearance process in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Logenix was able to avoid the hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines that other competitors could not.

Haiti - Electrical Infrastructure Strengthening

After the earthquake in Haiti, Logenix was tasked with delivering supplies to support strengthening power capacity in the country. Logenix delivered transformers, wooden poles cables, construction materials and electrical equipment for power projects throughout the country, including some of the most remote regions in Haiti, on behalf of USAID sponsored power programs. Many of the shipments were sent to the Dominican Republic and delivered over the border crossing on the island, in order to avoid much of the port congestion in Haiti after the disaster.

Liberia - Construction of 10-Megawatt Power Plant

For this construction project, Logenix made arrangements to utilize 80-ton cranes and special loading equipment at origin and destination. Shipments had a total value of $3.7 million, including five transformers weighing 18 tons and seven generators each weighing 20 tons. Logenix's efforts supported the construction and installation of the plant for providing more commercial power to the capital city of Monrovia and outlying townships. This project undertaken by Logenix was on behalf of the Liberia Electricity Corporation and USAID. --- Supporting the construction and installation of a 10-megawatt power plant in Liberia intended to provide power both to the capital city of Monrovia and to outlying townships.

Malawi - Interactive Radio Instruction (Tikwere!)

Logenix managed countrywide distribution of over a million books shipped by both ocean and air freight on behalf of the USAID funded Tikwere! program. Logenix expedited shipments by air freight and was able to save 30 days of transit time, thereby allowing the client to meet the project deadline. This was another example of fast and agile decision making that Logenix executes on behalf of their clients every day.

Global - Worldwide Justice and Criminal Enforcement

Logenix transports time critical shipments of sensitive technical and scientific export licensable materials for the Department of Justice, in support of crime fighting and drug interdiction programs throughout Asia, South America, Central Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Haiti - Electrification Programs

Logenix provided door-to-door logistics services for the Pilot Project for Sustainable Electricity Distribution (PPSELD) in Cap Haitien funded by USAID, in addition to a second electrification project sponsored by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) in the southern peninsula town of Coteaux. Logenix shipped construction materials, thousands of timber electrical posts, bucket trucks, IT equipment, tools, and transformers, which were sent by both air and ocean freight. Logenix found innovative solutions for modifying the client's supply chain to save costs and time. Ocean freight destined for Cap Haitien was sent through the Dominican Republic and performed customs clearance at the overland border crossing into Haiti.

Global - Drug Interdiction Flight Support

For International Narcotics & Law Enforcement programs carried out by the State Department, Logenix is delivering critical equipment for aircraft to Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Iraq and Afghanistan ensuring continuous, 24-7 flight operations for the war on illegal narcotics.

Global - Deployments & Relocation Services on Behalf of USAID and INGO's

For over 100 programs supported by USAID, Logenix has managed the relocation of aid and development workers to every corner of the globe. Logenix coordinates the packing of household goods from origin country and arranges the shipment of duty-exemption process to destination country. Logenix has relocated hundreds of people to the field in over 140 countries and back home to the United States.

Haiti - Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources

Logenix transported commodities which included thousands of bags of corn feed, thousands of bags of potato seeds and soil test kits. The project objectives of WINNER were to increase agricultural productivity, improve watershed stability, and strengthen agricultural markets.

Afghanistan - Currency Exchange Program

For this lightning paced program on behalf of Da Afghanistan Bank, Logenix arranged for the virtually overnight transit of incinerators, shredders, and other equipment into Kabul from origins around the world. Specially outfitted MI-8 helicopters were leased and positioned to execute the complicated conversion process of changing out currencies throughout the country.

Iraq - Election Strengthening and Support

During the height of the insurgency, Logenix delivered 390 voting specific shipments to six strategic locations throughout Iraq, in support of Iraq's landmark parliamentary elections.

Global - Logistics Support for International Broadcasting Bureau (Voice of America)

Logenix transported hundreds of shipments of communications equipment weighing almost a million pounds. Shipments were made on behalf of the International Broadcasting Bureau, the U.S. agency responsible for Voice of America (VOA) broadcasting. Shipments were delivered to more than 30 countries, including Belize, Botswana, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ecuador, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, and Thailand. Logenix has also handled decommissioning logistics from Greece, Kuwait and Belize.

Bolivia - Market Access and Poverty Alleviation Project (MAPA)

In support of this project, Logenix delivered A/V equipment, batteries, computer equipment, and the tools necessary to help the Bolivian people grow and cultivate coffee. MAPA was implemented to increase the incomes of the poor in Bolivia through specialty coffee, tourism, and tea.

Iraq - Al-Karkh Water Treatment Plant Construction

Logenix delivered generators, turbines and other large equipment to the Al-Karkh water treatment plant, the second largest water treatment facility in Iraq. Logenix was responsible for and executed shipments of building sized pieces and was tasked with moving these oversized pieces of cargo through an active war zone. Logenix played a pivotal role in delivering these materials for the construction of this plant just outside of Baghdad, which provided an essential source of clean water for the Iraqi capital. Shipments to the Water Treatment Plant required military escorts as the area was fraught with insurgent activities.

Lebanon - EARTH Initiative Water Facilities

Logenix conducted a road survey for outsized cargo required for a waste water plant in the Beqaa Valley of southern Lebanon. Shipments consisted of pipes, tractors, and other materials. Despite closings of both air and ocean ports, Logenix was able to successfully deliver cargo by strategically rerouting shipments and eliminating additional costs. The USAID sponsored EARTH Initiative was designed to improve and expand solid waste management facilities in Zahleh, including the Aitanit wastewater treatment plant.

Egypt - Wastewater Sector Support Project

In support of this program, Logenix transported electrical supplies, power analyzers, and water testing equipment. The Wastewater Sector Support Project improved the institutional framework for water and sanitation service delivery in Egypt and increased the quality of, and access to, these services for the Egyptian public.

Egypt - Secondary Cities Wastewater Reclamation Project

For this project, Logenix transported IT equipment, battery packs, pipe conditioning kits, ad other commodities related to city sanitation and water systems to Giza, Egypt. The purpose of the Secondary Cities Project is to expand and develop reliable wastewater facilities in selected urban centers of Egypt for improved health and living conditions.

Jordan - Groundwater Monitoring Enforcement and Directorate (GMED)

Logenix provided logistics support to this program and transported water metering systems, tools, batteries, flow meters and IT equipment using both air and ocean freight. GMED was initiated to help the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) to streamline its internal management systems and improve its capability to monitor and enforce private groundwater regulation, licensing, drilling and abstractions.

Egypt - Water Resources Management Project

Shipments Logenix made on behalf of this program consisted of small water craft, underwater survey equipment, GPS units, camera equipment, computers and accessories. The Water Resource Management Project provided technical assistance, training, equipment, and the materials needed to enable water user participation and to advance decentralization of water management to the district level. The project was overseen by the Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation in Egypt.

Afghanistan - Rebuilding Agricultural Markets in Afghanistan (RAMP)

For this program, Logenix sent seat belt assemblies, computer equipment, and other commodities to Afghanistan's Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Kabul. The objective of RAMP was to improve food security and increase rural incomes by introducing practical methods for increasing crop and livestock productivity.

Botswana - Southern Africa Regional Environmental Program (SAREP)

Logenix delivered cameras, books, and IT equipment to and from Gaborone, Botswana. SAREP improved access to safe drinking water for people living in the Okavango River Basin.

Afghanistan - Trade Accession and Facilitation for Afghanistan (TAFA)

For this project, Logenix shipped computer equipment, GPS units, satellite phones, office equipment and supplies to Kabul, Afghanistan. The goal of TAFA was to generate economic growth, trade, and investment by improving conditions for international trade and transit.

Ethiopia - Assistance to Health Systems Expansions (AHSE)

On the behalf of AHSE, Logenix delivered A/V equipment, computer and IT equipment, work tools, and other commodities to various project sites. The AHSE project sought to improve Ethiopia's health sector by building the capacity of local institutions to provide quality assurance and control, as well as services for construction, renovation, and maintenance of health centers and other facilities.

Africa - Book and Educational Material Deliveries

Logenix consistently facilitates deliveries to Africa on behalf of many of the world’s leading organizations for shipping donated books and other educational materials. We have shipped more than 100 containers of essential educational materials to schools and educational organizations across the developing world including Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, The Gambia, and Uganda. These shipments include a 10 container project of donated books and supplies to a primary school in Kenya, a shipment of more than 600 boxes of books and IT equipment to Somalia, a large project delivering over 40,000 books to South Africa, and many more.

Afghanistan – Solar Power

Contributing to the completion of a project providing electricity to over 1500 households, a school, mosque, and hospital, Logenix delivered solar power equipment to a remote location in the Shemol valley of Afghanistan. Originating in Europe and China, this project featured a successful last mile of critical infrastructure cargo through areas with elevation of 2000+ meters in the Eastern province of Nangarhar.

Afghanistan – Bamyan Power Distribution Network

Logenix managed the delivery of over 100 containers for Bamyan’s power distribution network, successfully executing last mile delivery through the central highlands of Afghanistan and reaching their final destination on-time and on-budget. The remote route to the delivery site has seen both violence and heavy seasonal snowfall during recent years making transportation conditions complex.

Global - Worldwide Book Distributions

For many of the globe’s leading education donation programs across Africa, Asia, and South America, Logenix has kitted, delivered and distributed a wide supply of textbooks, supplies, IT equipment, and teaching materials. Logenix continues to be a strategic partner for these organizations, managing essential shipments that ensure continuing  equality of educational opportunity in countries throughout the developing world.

Tanzania - 21st Century Basic Education Program

For USAID’s highest funded primary education program, Logenix was responsible for creating the entire warehousing and in-country distribution plan for books and education materials. Supplies were warehoused and subsequently delivered to over 1,000 different schools throughout the country, including the Mtwara region, Zanzibar and Pemba.

Afghanistan - Transport of Flight Simulators to Kabul

Logenix arranged intermodal transport of a flight simulator (G222 training device) and accessories door-to-door from Odessa, FL, to Kabul in support of the Afghan National Army. Equipment was exported under ITAR license from the port of Jacksonville via breakbulk carrier to Jebel Ali FZE and transloaded on AN-124 by air to Kabul airfield.

Global - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Logenix operated virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week for four months leading up to the conflict in March of 2003, with pre-planning being accomplished over a two-month period. Shipments totaled approximately 3,000 metric tons of medical equipment, billeting supplies and construction materials valued at over $30 million, and originated from more than 50 vendor locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Japan - Yokota Air Base

Logenix provided logistics support for air and ocean shipments of construction materials to Yokota Air Base in Japan. To meet project requirements, Logenix tailored a logistics plan in compliance with US State Department security regulations, ensuring that ocean freight transshipment times were less than 96 hours and air freight transshipment times were less than 8 hours.

Global - ICITAP Program

Logenix supported the U.S. State Department to strengthen investigative capabilities of local police forces solve crimes and strengthen law enforcement, by delivering police training materials to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Senegal, Tanzania, Bosnia, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, Croatia, Columbia.

Global - Logistics Support of U.S. Marine Corps

Cargo managed by Logenix included 196 cranes each weighing up to 72,000 pounds, 196 tandem-locs, 157 kits, 103 clam shells, and licensable batteries to locations in Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Italy and Kuwait. Logenix worked closely with the U.S. Marine Corps on licensing issues, customs clearance, overland truck transportation and the use of U.S. Flag carriers. Logenix also implemented cost saving measures such as locating and hiring specialized trucks to transport out of gauge equipment.

Iraq - Logistics Support for US Army 350th Civil Main Command

Logenix was contracted by the 350th Civil Affairs Command to move 120 Humvees from Baghdad International Zone to Camp Doha, Kuwait for re-armoring of the vehicles. These vehicles were loaded and trucked in three convoys of 20 trucks, each convoy consisting of 40 Humvees, over a 10-day period. Convoys were escorted by a security team of eight vehicles carrying four armed guards.

Afghanistan - Helicopter Retrograde

Logenix managed a return shipment of Sikorsky helicopters from Bagram military base to the United States via Dubai. This was a multimodal operation using an air/land/sea combination to save costs. Logenix handled customs clearance processing and loaded cargo on an AN-124, which required customized trailers and ramps for loading/offloading.

Africa - Contingency Operations & Training Assistance Program (ACOTA)

Logenix has managed dozens of shipments to destinations throughout Africa for the ACOTA program, including, but not limited to delivering bulk police gear and uniforms to Guinea, as well as security equipment and diplomatic cargo to Malawi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Afghanistan - Helicopters to Kabul

Logenix managed the shipment of helicopters from the United States to Kabul for the US Army and Afghan Ministry of Defense. Logenix successfully completed the Afghan customs clearance and assisted with loading configurations, export compliance, pre-shipment planning, overflight permits, trucking and delivery to the airport prior to uplift.

Global - State Department Worldwide Aviation Support Services (WASS) program

Logenix delivers time critical shipments of essential aircraft engines, parts, and other supplies to Africa, The Middle East and Latin America in support of the worldwide Department of State Air Wing aviation support services program. Logenix' supply chain management is vital for the reliable sustainment of flight operations, maintenance and safety for aircraft used by diplomatic personnel globally.

Afghanistan - Army Corps of Engineers

Logenix shipped hundreds of ocean containers door-to-door for specialized construction programs throughout the country. Shipments originated in the United States and Europe, and consisted of fuel tanks, generators, transformers, and construction materials. Logenix was successful in delivering shipments even when confronted with challenges such as road and border closures, and severe winter weather.

Afghanistan - Helicopter Retrograde

Logenix used a combination of air/sea/ground transportation to transport helicopters from Kandahar airfield to the United States via Dubai. Over $700,000 of costs were saved by detailed planning and management of the multi-mode supply chain. Cargo was shipped via air freight to Dubai, where the helicopters were transloaded onboard an ocean vessel departing to Norfolk port, VA. Logenix arranged all pre-approvals for equipment through CBP, ATF and steamship line's legal department to ensure that all the ITAR equipment on board was properly documented and cleared for import into the US.

Africa - Peacekeeping Program (AFRICAP)

Logenix expedited millions of pounds of cargo including life support equipment, medicines and construction materials originating from 30 different worldwide vendors bound for Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Chad, Sierra Leone, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Liberia, Senegal, and Somalia for peacekeeping programs. Also, on behalf of U.S. Government programs, Logenix supported the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Somali National Army (SNA). Logenix provided door-to-door logistics services and customs clearance assistance for shipments originating from the United States, China and Kenya for final delivery to Addis Ababa and Mogadishu. Shipments included the Ro/Ro transport and delivery of dozens of vehicles in addition to air and ocean shipments containing parts, supplies and de-mining robots.

Global - Air Force Contingency Augmentation Program (AFCAP)

Logenix received published commendation for the role played in logistics support for multiple contingency operations under AFCAP programs.

Iraq - Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) and Office of Security - Iraq (OSC-I)

Logenix has performed freight forwarding, and destination services for over a 1,000 ocean containers and hundreds of air shipments in support of U.S. military bases in Iraq. On behalf of LOGCAP and later OSC-I, Logenix has performed over 1,000 domestic deliveries within Iraq of critical medical and power equipment for base-to-base transfers and retrograde demobilizations of equipment. Logenix forwarded over 150 shipments of fuel trucks, construction materials, vehicles, life support supplies, kitchen supplies, and consumables by air freight, ocean freight and ground originating in the U.S. United Arab Emirates and Kuwait going to Iraq. Logenix also shipped x-ray machines, scales and other critical medical equipment. Logenix has provided support services for all U.S. Department of State personnel in Iraq as part of LOGCAP since 2010.

Global - U.S. Embassy Security Upgrades

FOn behalf of the Department of State Overseas Building Operations (OBO) and Department Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Repair & Replacement projects, Logenix manages door-to-door air and ocean freight shipments of construction materials including blast proof doors and bullet proof glass to upgrade security to embassies in over 20 countries including, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Chile, Ecuador, India, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Tunisia.

Global - International Drug Interdiction & Counter Narcotics Programs

Logenix supports global drug interdiction and counter narcotics programs on behalf of the Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program and Counter Narcotics & Global Threats Program Logenix's supply chain supports project operations in over 20 countries around the world, including critical locations in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Iraq, Pakistan, Peru, Tanzania and Turkmenistan.

Global - US Diplomatic Post Security Supply Chains

Logenix provides critical support for security enhancement and upgrades to embassies and diplomatic posts worldwide, many in conflict-affected capitals in Iraq, Somalia, Central African Republic and Afghanistan. Logenix provides complete purchase order management from dozens of suppliers and a comprehensive door-to-door supply chain service. Together we have created a complete material audit trail from receipt of product to final delivery. Essential supplies for these projects include goods regulated by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) licensable materials, and hazmat materials.

Afghanistan - Machinery and Retrograde Cargo Movements

Logenix assisted a USG contractor import cargo and subsequently retrograde cargo from Kandahar, Bagram, and Konduz military bases in Afghanistan. Logenix imported power generators, transformers, switch gears and other necessary equipment to run power plants for these military bases. When the materials were needed to be retrograded back to origin, Logenix managed the entire export via truck to ports in Pakistan.

Iraq - Retrogrades for Troop Drawback

In response to the troop drawdowns in Iraq, Logenix has retrograded heavy equipment, power supplies, vehicles and machinery back to the United States from locations throughout Iraq. In many instances Logenix was crucial in saving tens of thousands of dollars four our clients by reducing duties on cargoes leaving the country.

Iraq - AFCAP Theater Logistics

In the midst of the conflict in Iraq, Logenix was tasked with moving goods, including training and equipment supplies, to/from military bases throughout the country. Over a 16-month period Logenix dispatched thousands of trucks for intra country deliveries. In addition, For ten years Logenix transited thousands of truckloads of AFCAP camp units, generators and other maintenance, life support equipment within Iraq to US bases. Intact and on-time deliveries were made to almost every US base in Iraq from Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, and UAE.

Iraq - Logistics Support for US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)

Logenix provided port-to-door logistics services for TACOM, delivering 80 trucks and mobile cranes, via US Flag ocean freight. Logenix arranged for armed security to accompany trucks delivered via Kuwait to TACOM in Basra, Iraq. Additionally, Logenix successfully managed the transport of 44 oversized, out of gauge vehicles and employed multiple cost savings measures to counter increasing shipping prices to the region.

Afghanistan - Base Support Logistics and Maintenance

Logenix has managed almost 1,000 shipments of life support equipment, materials and communication equipment to Khost, Kandahar, Kabul and the Helmand province in support of U.S. base support for Camps Salerno, Dwyer, Bastion and Leatherneck. Due to periodic border closings, Logenix was required to transit the Northern Route using the Russian rail system to the northern border of Afghanistan. Special tasks included the transit of the fully constructed Kandahar air control tower and 76 oversized fuel trucks requiring sea-air planning and the delivery of a massive cement batch plant to Camp Dwyer in Helmand province.

Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) Warehouse

Logenix operates OFDA's disaster relief stockpile warehouse in Dubai, performing highly specialized record-keeping procedures and organizing high volumes of material for international shipment. Logenix manages the daily operations for all goods coming into and out of the warehouse and all service requirements for the fleet of USAID vehicles. The warehouse stockpiles various items intended for relief in the event of natural disaster or civil/political turmoil. Items include wool blankets, plastic sheeting for shelters, water filtration units, collapsible water bladders, hygiene kits, water purification tablets, and other disaster relief commodities.

Sierra Leone - Freetown Mudslides

In response to the mudslides in Freetown, Sierra Leone that affected up to 10,000 residents, Logenix immediately responded after the disaster within hours and was the first on the ground to provide local hospitals with emergency medical supplies. Additionally, after requests from the Ministry of Health, Logenix continued a supply chain of additional medicines and essential supplies to all hospitals in need, that were treating impacted citizens as a result of the disaster. The immediate relief efforts were fraught with logistical constraints including meeting tight timelines and negotiating congested roads, as a result of the disaster.

Japan - Tsunami & Fukushima Disaster

In the wake of the tsunami in Japan, Logenix arranged for dual cargo and passenger flights to return immediate responders from the Fairfax County Fire Department and their equipment to the US. The first responders to the disaster brought with them 32 tons of rescue equipment and medical supplies for urban search and rescue operations. Given the proximity of the search and rescue locations to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, extra attention was given in order to bring home the equipment along with the Fairfax County First Responders. To clear the equipment of radioactivity concerns, Logenix interfaced with the airlines' Automated Manifest System (AMS).

Haiti - Earthquake Response

In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Logenix was one of the first logistics providers sending relief to the country. Logenix executed a multi-route Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) charter delivery to transport 3.2 million cases of Infant Formula within days of the disastrous earthquake. Other emergency shipments included construction equipment, makeshift shelters and plastic tarps, medical supplies, wool blankets and other donated items.

Global - De-Mining Contract for U.S. Department of State

Since 2002, Logenix received, inspected, repackaged, and consolidated hundreds of door-to-door shipments from 12 different countries bound for Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan on an ex-works basis. Shipments included de-mining equipment, dog food, marking tape, uniforms, boots, and highly trained German Shepherds. Logenix also managed the shipment and later repatriation of a RHINO mine clearing vehicle to Azerbaijan. RHINO is a large remote controlled operated vehicle that was assigned to detect and clear mines in areas affected by conflicts in the Caucasus Region.

Guatemala - Hurricane Stan

Within days of Hurricane Stan in Guatemala, Logenix arranged for a Boeing 747 charter from Miami, Florida loaded with urgently needed hygiene kits and medical supplies to the affected areas. Additionally, Logenix arranged for the immediate delivery of relief supplies such as plastic sheeting for temporary shelters to ease the impact of the destroyed homes. Despite severely damaged infrastructure, Logenix ensured the immediate delivery of relief supplies.

Pakistan - Earthquake Response

Logenix sourced and supplied disaster relief materials from the Logenix operated USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) warehouse in Dubai. Furthermore, to combat the huge demand for supplies needed in response to the earthquake, Logenix chartered flights full of supplies from Miami to areas destroyed by the earthquake. In order to manage the large need of relief Logenix arranged an expert cost savings combination of scheduled and air charter service. Logenix rapidly delivering 10,500 Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's) to Islamabad for distribution into the earthquake disaster area.

Global - Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET)

Logenix shipped and delivered supplies which include IT equipment and vehicles to offices in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea, Guatemala, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe. FEWS NET provides objective, evidence-based analysis to help government decision-makers and relief agencies plan for and respond to acute food insecurity and humanitarian crises.

Indonesia 2004 - Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcanic Eruption

Logenix reacted quickly to redirect medical supplies to the Sumatran city of Medan after the Tsunami and subsequent earthquake in 2004. In response to the disaster Logenix sent malaria spraying equipment to combat the spread of mosquito-borne diseases as a result of the nature of the disaster. Despite the destruction of infrastructure across such a large area, Logenix was able to deliver much-needed supplies to the affected areas.

Sudan - Darfur Humanitarian Crisis

Logenix's expertise operating in politically unstable and volatile environments was essential in effectively providing relief to mitigate a humanitarian disaster. Over a three-week period, Logenix operated on a 24/7 basis organizing shipments the town of Al-Fashir in Darfur. Logenix organized and loaded 12 air charter filled with of 500,000 pounds of tents, generators and freshwater bladders. These supplies brought much needed relief to the increasingly dire Darfur refugee situation.