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Agile and Flexible Decision Making

Amid worldwide country shutdowns and closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Logenix utilized partner networking, flexible route creation, and innovative problem solving to keep cargo moving to where it was needed most.

Countries like Bhutan and Nepal closed their borders and air carriers canceled their flights into the countries during peak COVID-19 breakout periods resulting in no routing options for cargo into these countries. To avoid products expiring, Logenix stayed agile and flexible, creating last mile routes and working closely with government authorities at destination to allow the acceptance of the trucks to cross borders upon arrival allowing delivery to be completed from door to door within 2 weeks of cargo collection.

When Mongolian Airlines decreased their operation from weekly flights to bi-weekly capacity and then was forced to cancel flights due to limited passenger volumes, Logenix organized a charter flight from Europe to Mongolia.  Due to limited commercial lift and unreliable carrier schedule, Logenix expertly managed the consolidation of medical goods from four origins and five separate orders. The 44 cubic meters of cargo required 3 different levels of temperature control, ambient, +2-+8C, +15- +25C along with hazardous goods.